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Boys Equipment Requirements / Recommendations


  1. Sticks:

There are many options when it comes selecting a lacrosse stick. Please reach out to your level coordinator if you have questions that are not answered in this guide.

  • Grades K-4 should use a stick 37 inches in length.
  • Grades 5-8 should use a stick 40 inches in length.
  • Grades 5-8 Defensive players should talk to their level coordinator before purchasing a defensive shaft.
  • Here is how to cut your stick. 

  • Sticks can be purchased strung or unstrung through LYL by contacting Ken Ford ( ), from your local lacrosse supplier or online.
  • A strung stick can be a good entry level option if the mesh is not too hard.
  • What type of mesh to use is a personal preference.  See the link below to learn about soft and hard mesh.  (We would recommend a semi soft or semi hard mesh and not use hard mesh)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4QJe-DhCoQ   
  • An unstrung stick will give you the ability to have the stick strung to the players liking.  Most advanced players should be using a custom strung stick.
  • All sticks should have a Low or Medium pocket. 
  • A good boy’s lacrosse pocket should look like this:


  • Not this:









  • Existing Sticks:

Over time a lacrosse stick will become disformed due to the natural stresses of the game of lacrosse.  Your pocket and strings will need to be replaced overtime.  We recommend restringing your stick with new mesh every year.  Please ask your level coordinator to inspect your stick if you have questions about its performance.

If the coaches determine your child’s mesh is unsuitable, expect they will tell you or your child that they need to have it restrung.


  • Restringing Options:

Sticks can be restrung through THE LYL ONLINE STORE, Tricon, or any lacrosse-specialty store for around $25-30

A good resource is https://stringking.com/ustring/ They have online videos showing you step by step how to string your stick.  You will have to create a free account but this site will show you how to string your specific stick.



2. Protective Gear:

  • All players MUST be equipped at practices and games with the following equipment, or they will not be able to participate:     
    • Helmet
    • Mouthguard
    • Protective cup
    • Chest protector
    • Arm Guards
    • Gloves
  • LYL has great customized starter gear packages and custom LYL helmets available at discounted pricing.  Contact Ken Ford ( ) for more information
  • Helmets need to be purchased separately. In general the Cascade and Brine series of helmets are very good, and fit a wide variety of heads; it is up to the players comfort level which brand they choose. Town-colored Cascade Helmets are available through our website in the online store for a discounted price.
    • ANY helmet, whether a new purchase or hand-me-down, MUST be NOCSAE approved for use. Players without a NOCSAE approved helmet (you can find this designation on a sticker on the inside or outside of the helmet) will likely be asked to sit out during games. US Lacrosse and MBYLL are very strict about this as it is a player safety issue.
  • Beginning January 2022, all shoulder pads also MUST be NOCSAE approved for use. This year especially, with the new rule update, referees will be checking.
  • Protective cups and mouthguards are not sport-specific and can be purchased at any sports retailer. Tricon Sports in Lexington has many options of both.


3. Cleats:

  • Please send your child equipped to play a fast-paced sport on a variety of slippery surfaces, both natural and artificial. Many surrounding towns have natural grass fields which can be slippery, even when dry. Artificial turf can be very slippery when wet.
  • In general, soccer or football cleats can be worn, but lacrosse-specific cleats work best.
  • Baseball cleats are not designed for quick cuts and lots of running, and typically have metal spikes, which are not allowed.
  • Running shoes are not appropriate, as running shoes lack proper traction and lateral support.
  • Please ensure that your child’s footwear is secured properly. Coaches spend a lot of time tying or retying footwear at practices and games, which cuts down on time spent with coaching athletes.
  • The staff at Tricon, or any major sports store can help you determine the proper choice for your child.


4. New Equipment Purchases:

  • LYL has great customized starter gear packages and custom LYL helmets available at discounted pricing.  Contact Ken Ford ( ) for more information
  • Tricon Sports in Lexington also has everything you will need for your lacrosse season.