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Girls K-2 Weekly Challenges 2022

Front and Back Pop Ups- For your first challenge, pop and catch the ball on the front and back of your stick 5 times on each side. Remember that a front and back catch counts as one. You are not allowed to drop the ball during this challenge. If you do drop the ball, that’s ok, just start over. You will be making a total of 10 front and back catches. Have fun!



One Handed Pop Ups- For this challenge, you will pop the ball up 5 times on each side while holding the stick with one hand. Catch the ball each time. If you drop the ball, that’s ok, just start over and make sure you can catch 5 in a row on EACH side. Have fun!



Catch Above Your Head- For this challenge, you will toss the ball above your head and catch the ball with your stick vertically over your head. Make sure your stick is not parallel to the ground while catching. Reach and stretch up to catch the ball while it’s above your head. You are allowed one drop on each side. If you have more than one drop, that’s ok, just start again. Have fun!



Sidewall Tap and Catch- For this challenge, you will start with the ball in your stick. Then pop it up and rotate your stick to the side to tap the ball on the sidewall of your stick. Then quickly rotate your stick back to catch the ball in your stick. You will do this once on each side. Have fun!



Make Your Own Stick Trick - For this challenge, you can make up your own stick trick. Tell us what it is, then demonstrate it for the camera. Make it tricky!! Have fun. 



5 Ground Ball Pick Ups - For this challenge you will need 5 balls lined up about 10 feet away from you. Start 10 feet away from the balls and run to one ball, scoop under and cradle the ball all the way back to the starting line. Then run back for ball #2 and do the same thing. Make sure you put your toe next to the ball, get low and scoop through the ball the first time. If you can’t pick up the ball the first time, keep practicing and start over to make clean pick ups. Have fun!



Wall Challenge - 5 Dominant Catches - For this challenge, you will need to find a bounceback or rebounder. We have some at Lincoln Field for players to use. Stand about 5 feet away from the bounceback and place your non-dominant foot in front of your other one and stand slightly sideways. Throw the ball at the top ⅓ of the bounceback and throw it hard enough so that the ball comes back at your shoulder height. Practice this several times until the ball is coming back high enough so you are catching the ball above your shoulder. Now video yourself doing 5 catches like this. Have fun!



Rainbow Sidewall Taps - For this challenge you will tap the ball on your side wall like you did in challenge #4. This time you will do a series of taps all in a row. The first time you will tap the ball one time and catch it, then you will tap the ball two times on the sidewall and catch it, finally you will tap the ball three times on the sidewall and catch it. Practice until you can do all of this without dropping the ball and then video yourself. Have fun!!