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January 5, 2021

Hello LHS Boys Lacrosse Parents, and Happy New Year!

I hope your holiday season was rejuvenating in some way, despite the world's circumstances.

I'm overdue for communicating with you all about our 2021 season, our preparation, etc. I haven't communicated much, however, because, frankly, there isn't much news. In a normal year, I send out the season schedule to parents by some time in November, so that they can plan for those weekends when the players will not have team responsibilities, plan college visits, etc. As of now, we still have no schedule. I inquired with Noami Martin yesterday about it, and she said no news yet, other than that we'll likely be playing twice within our league division and not playing any non-league games, but even that remains to be seen. So...I'm sorry I can't give you a clearer picture of the Spring. Because of the "Fall Two" season, when Football will run from late February through mid-late April, our first day of practice/try-outs won't be until late April (normally it's the third Monday of March). 
So people planning college visits should have lots of room to go see colleges between February Break and mid-April. I'll say here what I say every year regarding college visits: I hope college visits do not occur during the season. This is why I try deliberately to build into our season a couple spots where I give the program a full weekend off, so as to give families plenty of heads up for when college visits might occur without taking players away from practice and games. Having no control over how the season is scheduled, I guess I'll just request that college visits occur somewhere between February Break and mid-April, as I have no idea what the season schedule will be.
Preparation: I have just pushed out to the players through our team Google Classroom Stream a message about working out. Again, in a normal year, we would have begun team workouts using the school weight room, etc. Not possible right now, so I am imploring the players to show the initiative to work on their own fitness. My message included a video of the kinds of workouts they should be doing to be in good lacrosse-shape come April. I've asked them to do these workouts on average three times per week. I'll be pushing out stick-skills drills too. (Any nice-weather day should include working on their stick skills, wall-ball, etc.) If your son isn't in the habit of visiting our Google Classroom Stream and checking his email, well...he isn't receiving these communications from the coaches. We need full participation from the players now. Your encouragement to your sons to commit to these pre-season fitness and skills efforts would be very much appreciated!
From there, please let me know if you'd like me to communicate directly with your son, especially if he is struggling academically in some way. I am concerned about how the remote and hybrid learning may impact players' academic eligibility in the Spring. I know some students are really struggling with this daily Zoom existence. (I'm struggling with it!) Any encouragement I can offer, don't hesitate to ask.
Ok...sorry for the length of this email! I guess I had more to say than I originally thought. I really hope you all are well. 
Dave Walsh