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Lexington Youth Lacrosse remains committed to the safety of our players, coaches, families, and the overall Lexington Community during the COVID-19 Pandemic


How Have We Changed Our Program?

  • LYL is following the MA GOV Guidelines for Moderate Risk Sports - NON-CONTACT LACROSSE (8/15/20)
  • The Girls Program has always been NON-CONTACT. Boys Grade K-4 has also always been NON-CONTACT. Andfor Fall 2020 Boys Grade 5-8 will be NON-CONTACT.
  • We have reviewed our curriculum and removed any instruction, drills, or competitive situations that create specific situations that put one player in direct competition with another player. This includes 1-on-1 drills and ground ball isolation drills.
  • Sessions have been designed to increase the distance between players, and reduce the amount of player cross-over during drills
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at each session. Additionally, any common equipment (i.e. goals) will be sprayed prior to and after sessions
  • Players & Families will sign a waiver and pledge that they will not attend a session if the player, family member, or someone they have direct contact with has either been diagnosed with COVID-19 or shows symptoms of COVID-19. 

Requirements for Players, Families, & Coaches?

  • LYL only allows one parent per player to attend sessions. In the case of the later grade levels where the players are very self sufficient we recomment that parents drop off their kids or remain in their cars during the sessions
  • For parents who do attend the sessions, we ask that they follow all local, state, and federal recommendations on social distancing and wear a face-mask
  • Players must get dressed at their cars and may NOT bring equipment bags to the field. Players are allowed to bring a water bottle and phone to the field. 
  • For each practice a grid of cones will be placed on the sidelines that are 6 feet apart - players must chose their cone and stand by it prior to session start, during all breaks, and during the session final comments
  • Players are not allowed to share equipment or gear - this includes sticks, equipment, and clothing. 
  • Coaches must wear face-masks at all times - that includes prior, during, and leaving sessions. 
  • Coaches must wear medical gloves if there is a requirement that they touch a player or players equipment. Coaches must follow "foam in/foam out" mentality and use sanitizer both before and after any interaction.