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2020 Schedules At A Glance

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2020 Rosters At A Glance

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2020 NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rules Changes

  • 1-9-1: Equipment and Uniform Standards Alerts being introduced to alert schools to 2021 requirement for NOCSAE ND200-approved goalie chest protector and 2022 requirement for NOCSAE ND200-approved player chest/shoulder pads.
  • 2-7-2f: CBO is no longer responsible for determining if a team has too few players on the field
  • 4-5, 4-22 - Restart: The new rule allows for an immediate restart whistle (unless an offensive teammate is within 5 yards of the player in possession). Defending players must establish position 5 yards from the player in possession or face delay of game penalty. A defender not beyond 5 yards at restart may not play or otherwise obstruct the ball carriers path to the goal until the 5 yard distance is satisfied.
  • 4-24-6: Timeout for concussion-like symptoms will be designated as an official's time out.
  • 5-5 - Illegal Crosse: All crosse violations receive a 2 minute non-releasable penalty. The crosse may be adjusted and then used in the game. All crosses in the bench area are subject to inspection regardless of usage in game.
  • 5-10 - Throwing the Crosse: Throwing the crosse at the ball, a player, or a game official, regardless of contact, will be assessed a 1, 2, or 3 minute non-releasable unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.
  • 6-5-2 - Throwing the Crosse (other): Throwing the crosse for other reasons, e.g., frustration, poor exchange, shall be ruled as a technical foul.

US Lacrosse Rules Interpretation - NFHS Men from US Lacrosse on Vimeo.