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Grade 3-4 Skill Challenges - 






6. X-OVER Catch Pass to YourselfPlayers should select their strong hand, and lay on their back with a ball in the stick. Using two hands, extended from body, players should throw the ball up in the air so that the ball comes down to the off hand side of their body. Players must track the ball, cross the stick over their body, and catch it 10X. Video or execution must be consecutive without interruption or editing.  Players may use a tennis ball or soft lax ball, if players want to use a lax ball – please wear a helmet (we want to avoid bloody noses!). You do not need to complete with non-dominant hand to earn a decal, but can earn a 2nd decal if they do.


8. Quick Hands PassingPlayers should find a bounceback or wall. Players must throw the ball so that it rebounds to the other side of their body. Players must change hands and make the catch. Repeat with a pass and change of hands back to original hand. for catch. Skill must be repeated 10X without a drop.