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Grade K-2 Skill Challenges - 

1. Make Your Own Challenge: Here is your mission: Create a new game or challenge that involves you, your stick, and a ball. You can use other items as well. Have your parents video it and post it to our Facebook site. If you can’t post your video, come next week prepared to show a coach. For those that either post a video or share with a coach, you will get a sticker award for your helmet

2. Scoop Cradle Flip RepeatPlayers should select their strong hand, put the stick in that hand about half way down the shaft. With a ball in the pocket, the player should flip the ball in the air, and catch the ball, then drop the ball on the ground, followed by a ground ball scoop to a single cradle above the shoulders. The pattern repeats 3X, and then is repeated 3X for the weak or non-dominant hand. No drops, bobbles, or misses are allowed during the flip or GB. Hint: Feet may move; GB should be with the ball in-between the feet.

3. Lay Down Pass to Yourself: Players should select their strong hand, and lay on their back with a ball in the stick. Using two hands, extended from body, players should throw the ball up in the air and catch it 5X. Repeat with weak or non-dominant hand. Video or execution must be consecutive without interruption or editing. Players may use a tennis ball or soft lax ball, if players want to use a lax ball – please wear a helmet (we want to avoid bloody noses!)

4. Fake Flip: Players must, with their stick at hips level and ball in stick, toss the ball into air, and rotate the stick in a circle fashion around the ball in the air without touching it, and then catch the ball. Challenge must be completed 5X with the strong-dominant hand. Optional: Complete 3X with the weak or nondominant hand to earn double decals. Video or execution must be consecutive without interruption or editing 


5. Rainbow Dodge: Players must start with a stick in hand, either side, with ball. They must toss the ball into the air in an arcing motion, or “rainbow”, so that the ball moves so that they switch hands and catch the ball with the opposite hand. Players must complete 8 complete tosses (4 each hand) without any drops or misses.  

6. Dude Perfect LAX: Players must select a bucket, can, or circular container. Players must start 1 stick length away from the bucket and have a series of balls. Players, with their strong, dominant hand, must toss a ball into the bucket, and if successful then take a full step backwards and repeat. Players will receive a decal for each connection without interruption or miss. Optional: Players may repeat challenge with weak or non-dominant hand and win 2X decals for every connected toss into the bucket. 

7. Over the Shoulder Catch: With the help of a friend/family member, players should position themselves 4-5 yards away from the helper. Players should turn their back to the helper, then look back over their shoulder to the side the stick is on. Players will need to rotate the stick so that the face of the head is open to the helper. The helper needs to toss the ball in the air so that the player can catch the ball "over the shoulder". For Grade K-1, using their strong hand need 3 completed passes with one allowable drop. For Grade 2, need 3 completed passes for both their strong and non-dominant hand, with one allowable drop. 

8. Wall Ball Challenge: Players should select their strong hand, and with that strong hand with ball in stick, facing a wall our bounce back complete 5 passes and catches without a drop ball (Grade 1 & 2), and then Grade 2 must complete 3 Off Hand with 1 allowable drop. Video or execution must be consecutive without interruption or editing.