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Welcome to the LYL Girls Spring 2020 Season for U7, U9, U11, U13 and U15


Below you will find information regarding:
•    Program Principles
•    Equipment
•    Our Indoor practices (March 1st to March 29th)
•    Our Season Schedule (Practices and Games March 31-June 14th)
•    How and when we will assign players to teams
•    Miscellaneous Housekeeping Items

I’m looking forward to a fantastic season. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please let me know.  Go Lex Lax!


Allison Watts
Girls Director



Program Principles

As coaches, we will stress four principles with your players this season:

1.    Safety.  This includes proper equipment (mouth guard, goggles, no jewelry), keeping sticks away from opposing players’ heads, and throwing only to teammates who are expecting a pass.

2.    Learning.  We will teach lacrosse, teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect (for the players themselves, teammates, coaches, referees, and opponents).

3.    Effort.  This is more important to the coaches than winning or losing.

4.    Fun.  We want the players to enjoy themselves, their teammates, the sport, and team sports in general.  For us coaches, one measure of our success is when a player returns to lacrosse the following season.



As a reminder, players should bring the following to practice:

•         Lacrosse goggles and stick (see more info below)
•         Mouth guard - colored, not clear. No straps are allowed.
•         Sneakers or cleats
•         Water bottle

A good stick can make a big difference!  We’ve created 2 options for Lexington Youth Lacrosse (LYL) players.


LYL offers discounts for gear directly purchased through our website.  Please contact Ken Ford for details ( )


We also worked with TriCon Sports (415 Waltham St, Lexington MA) to pick out some nice sticks.  They have everything you will need for the lacrosse season.

In general, stick price points for U7 / U9 / U11 are $40-$60 and U13 / U15 are $60-$100.  You’ll find $100+ sticks at TriCon, but they are more for high school players.  As the price point increases, the sticks become position-specific based on pocket depth, curvature of the throat area, and top of the head.

Our Indoor Practice Schedule

Our Indoor Practice Schedule

All indoor practices take place at Teamworks in Acton  (30 Great Road, Acton MA 01720)



  • Players in our U11 program, grades 3 and 4 will practice 11- noon.



  • Players in our U13 program, grades 5 and 6 will practice noon-1pm.



  • Players in our U15 program, grades 7 and 8, will practice 1-2pm.



Our Season Schedule

All of our practices will take place on one of the Lincoln turf fields or the Lower Hayden grass field.

Players in our U11, U13 and U15 will have practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:30pm-7:00pm. 


League games will be played on Sunday afternoon, exact times and locations are being determined over the next few weeks. We play in the Mass Bays Girls Lacrosse League (MBGLL).


Games will be played the following weeks:

•    April 5th

•    April 19th

•    April 26th

•    May 3rd

•    May 10th

•    May 17th

•    May 31st

•    June 6th

•    June 13, 14th - Multiple games over these 2 days at the MBGLL Jamboree 



How and When We Will Assign Teams

MBGLL and LYL require that we create fair and balanced teams at each age level. During the indoor practices coaches will divide players in teams to achieve this while ensuring we have enough coaches on each team, and group players by school as much as possible. We will have two balanced teams at each age level.



Miscellaneous Housekeeping Items


1.    Equipment.  Every player needs a stick, protective eye goggles, and a colored mouth guard (please have at least one spare).

2.    Game Jerseys.  Every player needs a game jersey to play in a game.  If you ordered a jersey during registration, we will distribute it to your player before the first game.

3.    Automated emails from Lexington Youth Lacrosse.  Make sure you are signed up for automated emails in your daughter's LYL profile.  You will receive email reminders for all practices and games, and you can respond whether your player will attend or not.

4.    The website.  If you need to contact your player’s coach or if you have a schedule question, the website (www.lexingtonlax.org) is the place to start.  Coaches contact information is there, and practice and game schedules will be posted when available.

5.    Outdoor practice weather guidelines.  You are the parents – you make the ultimate call on whether your player practices or not.  On questionable weather days, please check your email regularly.  We will give you the most advance notice possible, but it’s often tight.  If you don’t hear from us, we’re practicing!